Saturday, August 10, 2013

Just breasts...

Bara Bröst is a name of a Swedish feminist group who wanted to have the same right for women to swim topless on beaches and in public pools.

It is also a name of Berlin based DJ duo of  Benjamin Quint and Markus Schwarzbauer.
But, first I listened the set. I was like hey this is groovy and nice. But then when I saw them live it was different. The music was oke, but didn't stand up into same lenghts as the set in Soundcloud. I still though like the set in Soundcloud so wanted to share that!

And while on this...maybe when you are listening to this set you can update your knowladge about breasts here:

Or just stay staring this picture one hour 1 minute and 21 seconds and think why women are still oppressed nowadays.. women get smaller salaries than men, and women are very often used as objects in commercials. Since when did women became objects?! We need more strong women in this world!

And I will end it into this one:

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