Saturday, October 20, 2012

ADE part 2

Went to Amsterdam. Went to OT301 to see Rangleklods, Knalpot, H-Sik and some other artists.
Knalpot was a nice surprise, I would call it improvisation of electronic music. Knalpot is a duo of two guys Gerri J├Ąger (drums) and Raphael Vanoli (guitar). It was nice hear so many different styles mashed into some half an hour set. Moshing to electronic music is a sentence that would describe the band the best. With lots of strange sounds in between and I saw the most pedals ever on the ground!


I was really waiting for H-Sik but it was a bit let down. But the best of the evening was Danish Rangleklods.  Just too bad that the guitarist couldn't come, but the singer Esben Andersen did amazing job with his singing and mixing all the stuff at the same time. They have just released their debut album "Beekeeper". Andersen's voice fits beautifully into the electronic sounds and creates amazing space where it all comes together. I was wondering for a moment really hard who's voice Andersen reminded me about.. it's little bit like Chris Isaak! He has also this really deep sound. But it reminds me also someone else who's name I can't remember. hahaa! It's Depeche Mode's singer Dave Gahan! Oke, let the sound to speak!

Rangleklods - "Riverbed"

Rangleklods - "Clouds"

Rnagkelods - "Cough"

Rangleklods - "Empty" (Live)

Depeche mode - "Enjoy the silence"

I have to admit that otherwise ADE was bit a let down. There are so many different places that it gets bit difficult to get a full picture of the stuff what are going around. Had the chance to see one nice mixing workshop where also Filosofische Stilte ( was mixing a song of one "more" famous artist who's name I didn't catch. Was fun to hear how after two hours work you could hear so different mixes of the same song.

But yea, ADE left bit mild feeling. Or could be also that I just chose bit wrong days to go there, maybe should have go to a rave evening on Friday. But now I can proudly say that PERRON @ Rotterdam kicks ADE's ass 10-0! Today Pan-Pot and Anja Schneider are playing so be there! It's going to be megasuperduperhyper awesome!

Pan-Pot - "Threesixty"

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