Thursday, October 11, 2012

Amsterdam Dance Event pt.1

Massive. Just massive. That's the word about this festival. Amsterdam Dance Event is the biggest electronic music festival. There are over 800 artists over the world performing in 75 clubs in five days! I had not heard before about this festival but it took me almost an hour just to browse the artists of one day trough! I highly recommend this festival! Some of the events are free and for some you have to pay something between 10-20e. I'm planning to attend this festival some day. I feel like I could move to Amsterdam just for five days to see all these artists! I was browsing trough Wednesday and found already some cool stuff! Here's some of it!

Kollektiv Turmstrasse - "Blutsbraeder"

Kollektiv Turmstrasse - "Grillen im Garten"

Rangleklods - "Clouds"

Rangleklods - "Young and dumb"

Karmon - "Wowshit"

Steve Bug - "Those Grooves"

Shlomi Aber - "Freakside"

Swanky tunes - "Their law"

Daddy's groove - "Turn the lights down"

H-SIK - "oOo rD Eye"

H-SIK - "Obsolete mind"

H-SIK - "You don't need a pair of shoes"

Davide Squilacce - "Pieces of you"

Victor Calderone And Nicole Moudaber - "The Journey Begins (Original Mix)"

Sinisa Tamamovic - "Tips and tricks"

Uto Karem - "Take Control"

It's unfortunately another RifRaf that is performing in ADE. Though this RiffRaff is also cool!

Riff Raff - "Jose Canseco"

"They figured I was bipolar the way I sipped that syrup and soda
Riff on them blades / Candy Marmalade"

Riff Raff - "Juice"

Some other fun song have titels like "Snow White and the seven grams" and
"They figured I worked for Mexico."

Andhim - "Walkmen"

Andhim - "Extragold"

Andhim - "Afrikadelle"

Andhim - "Aleefee"

This was only artists from Wednesday! There's even more! There's also daily DJ workshops. Check out more at the official festival webpage here:

Lets dance!

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