Sunday, November 4, 2012

Rewire festival and 40 minute tidal darkness

I last year missed Rewire festival in Den Haag because was not in the country. This time I went to see the festival on Saturday mostly because of Deaf Center. Rewire festival is pretty new, this year it had its second edition. This is how the festival describes itself in one sentence:

"REWIRE is a small-scale, intimate festival for visual arts, new music and related arts."

I decided to visit the festival on Saturday, because it seemed like the most interesting festival day. Festival itself is a three day long event. One of the event places was a Seventh-Day Adventist church. I always tough that having dance or tekno parties in church is cool.  When I arrived I saw bit from Lotus Plaza which is from USA. They had some XX style, but all the vocals were mashed into one bundle of sound. It was almost impossible to hear the lyrics. For 15 minutes it was okay to listen, but then it felt like the note and the atmosphere stayed too much hanging in the same place. I think if I would like to see them once playing in a smaller bar or stage. I think there the sound and band would be better. They have bit this Sunday rainy day feeling in the songs. Haven't listened so much so won't judge any further.

Then I walked to Zeebelt which is a old power plant warehouse if I got it right now. I saw the performance of Kreng, from Belgium. Audience had sitting places. Kreng was quite positive surprise. He created soundscapes that could be fro a horror movie. There was some beautiful moments with strings, some beautiful vocals. The DJ stayed himself in the dark and the audience followed the short movie from the screen. It had some cool pictures like a room that is wallpapered with old newspapers. Some strange dancing and one really nasty bit when a guy was cutting his ear and part of his nose and lip, they have made it look way too real for me. In some moments it felt the best to follow the music with your eyes closed then you could wander in your own thoughts.


Oh and I just couldn't think anything else than Arvo Pärt when I heard this! Kreng has listened for sure his works!

Kreng - "Petit Grimoire"

Another beautiful and scary tune:

Kreng - "Wrak"

Kreng - "Balkop"

Check also Miasmah's SoundCloud for Kreng.
Check also Miashmah's other artists here:

After Kreng was Deaf Center. I was really looking forward seeing live! They opened with some dark sounds only little parts with piano. I though it was "Tidal darkness". Then it just kinda kept going on the same, 10 minutes, 20 minutes, 30 minutes...I had the feeling that the whole concert was only like the beginning part of Tidal Darkness of 40 minutes and they ended with "Time Spent". There was barely any clear parts with piano. I have to say I was quite disappointed! I still like the "Owl Splinters" album a lot but this time it didn't work live. Such a pity when I know what these guys can do and are very talented!
I got to talk with the a bit and got their autographs to my album cover! They were talking something of about working also for their solo stuff in the future so quite much looking forward for what it will bring!

Deaf Center - "Tidal Darkness"

Neither I didn't get to hear this beautiful song...

Deaf Center - "Animal Sacrifice"

Next on the list was the last bits of Palmbomen's concert from the Netherlands. This is what they told about the band at Rewire page:

"Using synths, 80s pop and 60s psychedelics, Dutch producer and dj Palmbomen goes analogue, performing with a fully equipped band. Experimental and contagiously poppy, the retro-freak gives away an astonishing show supported by neon lights and fuzzy sounds."

I think he was some of the biggest positive surprises in this festival even though I got to hear only couple songs from him. He had some great funny vocals and a beautiful lights flickering in the back!

Palmbomen - "Galore"

Palmbomen - "Moon Children"

Check here their MySpace:
Like Palmbomen in Facebook:

Then was time for Filosofische stilte. I really like his way of Dj'ing. He has so much energy and really presents his music to the audience. He had some awesome bit hip hop style beats. It never got boring. Pity that he had only so short time to play! I'm sure that he's going to be a big name in the future!

Just check his whole SoundCloud account:


Because Nosaj Thing had cancelled Lukid aka. Luke Blair too his place over. He had quite nice stuff! Bit more electronic.

Check here his other releases:
Here you can listen his album "Lonely at the top"


Then was time for Kangding Ray from France! He was also I could say the best tekno that was in the festival. Really awesome stuff! And great to see him live! I like it so much better when people are Dj'ing without computers. Then the music is so much more present! BIG LIKE! Highly recommended!

Check his homepage here:
And his SoundCloud:

After that was DJ+ from The Netherlands. He was also a positive surprise! Nice music and good vibe.
Here's a nice mix from him.

All together have to say that Rewire was quite nice! Too bad that there were some disappointments. And thought it would have been cool to have Kanding Ray and DJ+ playing in the bigger room. The Big church room felt bit cold (not cold cold but the atmosphere was bit too stable), I missed bit some kind of decos there, some color or something. And it was pity that so many people in the big room didn't dance so much. That's what I like in Perron that even though it's small people go there to dance and to have fun. This event felt bit more like that you come to just listen the music and chat with your friends.

But it's nice that during one night you can see so many different kind of things. Like from Deaf center to Kangding Ray. Thank you from the festival!

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