Monday, October 1, 2012

Beautiful mind

This is my first only text post. I wrote the text already about half a year ago. Thought to share it here. Comments and thoughts are always welcome! Copyright belongs to me, if you want to quote something from the text please remember to note the original source.

Text: R. Hämäläinen

Being around  

Mind is mysterious. We claim to know so much, but we know so little about our minds, ourselves, what really makes us what we are.

Can a person with a mental illness have a beautiful mind? I believe so. Our mind is sometimes our safe heaven, from all the things. But it can be also a trap. Endless labyrinth that you need to find your way, not necessarily out, but your own way. Making your own decisions.

I don’t like when people claim to be so ZEN while forgetting the world around them. I find it as one bad excuse! We are here with so many people around us, and so many of us not feeling good. We should take care of each others, use the universal social healthcare that is free to us; help, compassion. We should remember to use it! Remember the compassion towards each others. To give.

It’s important to be okay with yourself because that’s the point where everything starts from. You have to accept yourself. It’s good to have piece of mind, but you should not get stuck to it and forget the outside world for too long. Then it would be just ignorance!

At this time so many people have serious mental health problems and issues that could have been prevented with this free social health care called taking care from others. Talking with the people. Sharing feelings. Because at the end of the day we just want to be happy. And I hear so often this sentence “I will be happy when…” Why we can’t just be happy at the present moment? Why should we wait with such a thing? Why happiness is thought being bound into something when it is not material. Happiness is an emotion, feeling!

It makes me sometimes sick to see how many people are suffering around us, not happy and sick. And so many people are just watching.

We medicate our brains out with things that should not belong into our body. We medicate ourselves to forget, to fit into something else, instead of to feel things! Medication is only a short time solution, it doesn’t solve our problems. The solution comes from somewhere deeper, from ourselves. But we can always ask help. And we should understand that asking help is not a sign of weakness but a sign of development and power inside us; we want to go further instead of just being at the same point. It feels still hard up to date, but we are learning.

We should also learn that doing mistakes is okay. That’s way to learn. How many people you hear nowadays talking about their mistakes? Not so many! Everybody just wants to aim for perfection and goes around boasting how perfect they are! Where is the humbleness of people? The world is neither perfect and it never can’t or won’t be, so why do we try to demand it from our selves? Why we run around trying to prove it to other people? It doesn’t make any sense.

We should be true to ourselves and watch ourselves from the mirror and see how we could change things and our own actions because that’s the only way of going truly forward.

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