Tuesday, July 3, 2012


There's a new single out from The Irrepressibles forthcoming album NUDE. It's called "Tears" and it sounds good. If you go to http://soundcloud.com/jamie-mcdermott/tears-remix_it_dance_it_make_art you can see that they have a competition to remix, dance or make art with this song. Read the rules and participate, there's time until 30 July 2012!

The Irrepressibles - "Tears"

And the lyrics!

Jamie McDermott 2010

"Tears of a clown
My face has the tears of a clown
Tears of a, of a .. clown...

I lay here awake, unable to dream, here in a state...
Disconnected from you, oh oh! 
A pretentious glare, how you don't care, Oh I don't care... 

The Tears of a clown, falling, falling, falling, down my face, 
Does anybody really care...

I'm just a clown, clown, clown, clown, clown, to you... 
I'm just a clown...

(but) darling look over the moon, what do you see? 
darling look over the moon, what do you see, what do you see?"

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