Monday, July 9, 2012

American graffiti

I haven't seen the movie yet. But I have the American Graffiti LP and I love it! It has so many godd old songs. And it's a great feeling to play them from a LP player, or to plug my headphones to the LP player and listen. It has artists like: The Beach boys, Chuck Berry, The Cleftones, Buddy Holly, Bobby Freeman, Fats Domino..

I love the sound this LP has. It's just sweet! Have been playing two songs more..

Buddy Holly - "Maybe Baby"

"Maybe baby, I'll have you
Maybe baby, you'll be true
Maybe baby, I'll have you for me

It's funny honey, you don't care
You never listen, to my prayer
Maybe baby, you will love me some day

Well you are the one that, makes me glad
Any other one that, makes me sad
When some day, you'll want me
Well, I'll be there, wait and see ee ee

Da da ta da da da da da da
Da da ta da da da da da da
Da da ta da da da da da da
And just love this next song, played it so many times!

Bobby Freeman - "Do you wanna dance?"

This is such a legendary song also! Love it, check also the live version.

Del Shannon - "Runaway"

"As I walk along I wonder a-what went wrong
With our love, a love that was so strong
And as I still walk on, I think of the things we've done
Together, a-while our hearts were young

I'm a-walkin' in the rain
Tears are fallin' and I feel the pain
Wishin' you were here by me
To end this misery
And I wonder
I wa-wa-wa-wa-wonder

Ah-why-why-why-why-why she ran away
And I wonder where she will stay
My little runaway, run-run-run-run-runaway"

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