Saturday, July 7, 2012


The discovery of the week! I feel like a kid at a candy store now! I have seen some radios that try to pick songs to certain mood, but this one of the funniest so far! Stereomood. And the most brilliant is the labeling the moods, you have moods like where to choose from: sitting on the toilet, berlin calling, epic, 8bit, just woke up, space trip, shower, aggressive, lost in thought, candle lit dinner, dishwashing etc.

Just got to search and listen, found some cool songs already like...

Sister Crayon - "Ain't No Sunshine"

Monday Night Fever - "Yellow Dots Under The Leaky Sun"

And so known song but it's good, from American Beauty. Have to see that movie. It has a great soundtrack.

Thomas Newman - "Dead already"

M38 - "On a white lake near a green mountain"

Didn't yet find really dancy music from there, but have to search more. But Stereomood is a very handy tool!

Just listening "Come on Eileen" 8bit version! Oh, there should be a 8bit themed party! Want to end this with a most amazing dance song! Check also and their other songs, they are good!

Slagsmålsklubben - "Sponsored by destiny"

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