Friday, July 6, 2012

I love commercials.....for one reason.

East of the river - "We deserve to love again"

Just found this beautiful song trough a Ola commercial. Love the guitar in the song! This should be listened loud in a big big space! Beautiful! But don't mix the band into this.. even though they have also some cool eastern style songs. I should listen actually more also eastern music, if you know some good arabic, turkish, greek, or broadly music from that area looking forward to listen something new! Or should just go to some close by turkish, moroccon music store and buy random cd's. Anyhow back to the orginial song, there's not so much info about the East of the river. It was founded in London 2009 and everything is written, recorded and produced at home. They have put on EP together called "We deserve to love again"

Check also their facebook page!

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