Tuesday, October 11, 2011

About vinyls, 80's and Burial vs Massive attack

80's was the time for stadion rock, long strange hair, colorful clothes and hair, weird sunglasses, spandex, just google picture Cyndi Lauper or The Scorpions and you get the picture!

When I was small, my father always played lps in the weekend, this is how I got to know lot of classics like; Bruce Springsteen: "Streets of Philadelphia", Michael Jackson, Tina Turner, Bryan Adams: "Heaven", Cher, Eric Clapton: "Tears in heaven", "Layla". I listened a lot one Clapton collection cd when I was a kid. Cyndi Lauper, Eurythmics: "Sweet dreams", Maxi Priest: "Wild World". Almost all the music videos from the 80's full of synths and some quite strange music videos as also Men at work: 

"Down under".

Stevie Wonder, Jackson Five, Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, The Doors, Santana, The Rolling Stones, Jimi Hendrix, has some cool songs, one is "Voodoo child" and "All along the watchtower", The Police, Queen, Roxette, Simple Minds: "Dont you (forget about me)" Phil Collins: "Another day in paradise" that's very beautiful song. Most of the songs I only know by the tune, they are these songs that you have heard million times, but don't remember the names.

"Don't you (forget about me)"

One very great musician was John Lennon. I listened a lot the  "The very best of John Lennon" when I was around 14 something. "Power to the people", "Stand by me", "Happy Xmas (War is over)", "Beautiful Boy", "Nobody told me" are some of the songs that struck to me, but up to this day the next song is some of the most beautiful songs ever written.


Kool and the Gang, Foreigner, Toto: "Africa", Madonna: "Like a prayer", U2: "With or without you", "One", "Sweetest thing" that has a quite great music video worth of checking, "Where the streets have no name" also worth checking the music video. But here:


And I heard also lot of classical. I got to listen lot of music when I was small and I'm grateful to have had all that music in the breakfast, Saturdays and when vacuum hoovering. Lately I have also started to buy some old lp's and have found some great ones like Kraftwerk, Stevie Wonder, Ennie Morricone and an awesome Calypso song collection! Check Lord Kitchener.

How all this comes to Massive Attack and Burial? They have made collaboration "Four Walls/Paradise circus" and it will be released on LP on 17th October with a great lp-cover that is designed by Robert Del Naja from Massive attack.

There are some big talks over which one is better in music quality, cd's or lp's, but what I think LP:s are cool to play at home, but cds are just simply handier to have around, or then in mp3's. What I find great with LPs is the artwork that comes with it, and also that you can just buy something because it looks interesting, what you wouldn't do with cds. The LP of Burial and Massive attack will be done at Vinyl Factory in England. Here you can also see how they manufacture the LPs:

Check also their homepage: http://thevinylfactory.com/
And here you can listen the song:
"Four Walls"

I think I'll order the LP.

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