Sunday, October 2, 2011

Sencity - see, smell, taste, feel

I visited for the first time couple weeks ago in the Sencity-Rotterdam. Sencity is an amazing party organized for the deaf people, but also for the hearing. They arrange Sencity parties all around world and this time it was in Maassilo, Rotterdam. The atmopshere of the party was amazing, you had sense floor which vibrated along with the music so you could actually feel the music trough your whole body. Because when you are deaf you can feel the bassline of the songs, so the music was nice loud for the whole evening! The sense floor was changing all the colour also! After dancing on this floor you felt super light on the normal floor.

Aromajockey, what it is? It is a dj that is sending different aromas on the dance floor. They use two big fans for bringing the smells, mostly they burn the scents on a plate and then move it around the fans. So once in a while you could smell really nice eucalyptus or other nice things. Here's a picture of the Aromajockey

And if you want to know more about aroma jockeys watch a small clip about Odo7.

And there was also great visuals everywhere. There were also food jockeys! You could also get a haircut, massage, braids or make up for free until 01.00 clock! But better be early in the queue! Got a really nice make up there! Thanks guys!

And then there were sign language dancers so you had the vocalist and next to them dancing and signing the songs a singlanguage dancer! It is actually really interesting to watch when people are signing fast. Especially the Finnish Signmark and Brandon. Brandon was doing the singing and Signmark is the signlanguage rapper. He had some of the most amazing energy on the stage. Signmark: "Speakerbox"

It was amazing to see the whole hall doing the sign language at the same time with Signmark with the song "Smells like victory". You can check more info from here:

With Sencity it was great to see how different aged people there was. The party had really great energy! In the end Daniel Haaksman from Man Recordings came spin some great plates with MC Gnucci Banana.  Check the earlier post for Gnucci Banana!

Daniel Haaksman: "Pobum Coco"

Daniel Haaksman: "Dubcheck ft. Shantel & Boban Marco Orchestra"

Daniel Haaksman: "Who's Afraid Of Rio?"

He will be playing at REWIRE festival in Den Haag with some other great artists:

Would looove to go there, but will be in Finland but if someone goes, let the blog know how it was! Going to go next year definitely! But Sencity, it was some of the most amazing party I've ever been to. The next Sencity will be in London.

From their homepage you can check all the coming up Sencitys:

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