Tuesday, June 23, 2015

How big, how blue, how beautiful.

The new album "How big, how blue, how beautiful" from Florence and the machine is finally out! (Already some time ago) It is quite different from the older ones. Definitely more rock. It has gotten lots of good reviews and people have been saying that now she has finally found her own style. But I must admit I liked bit more the dancy/electronic touch. But of course it's a question of taste. Though I have to admit that the album feels complete and whole in a very different way from the debut album "Two lungs".

I was surprised to read an article in a Finnish newspaper where they were talking about how the English newspapers had been complaining that the English rock/pop is nowadays made too much by the upper class, noting also that Florence came from a rich family. I have to disagree and just admit that it doesn't matter what is the background of the people who are making music. Of course it's important to appreciate what you have, that's clear. But music shouldn't be judged by the background of the artists. Passion is the most important thing. And the music shouldn't be judged by if the people are lower or upper class, because it doesn't affect music itself.

What I like in the new "How big, how blue, how beautiful" is that it surprises. Like the song "What kind of man" which starts in a calm and beautiful atmosphere and then suddenly after a minute rocks off. I can imagine the new album will bring lots of new fans in. One good word how to describe the new album would be "STRONG" in capital letters. It has a new kick that wasn't there in the old albums.

I like also how they have brough the orchestral vibes into the new album. Because well Florence's voice just goes along super well with the big sound of horns, strings. Still looking forward if they could make some orchestral stuff with Florence some day. (Well there's of course the "Snow White and the Huntsman" song..)

"Delilah" is also one of my favorites. It's an energetic song that has something from the hit "Dog days are over" but in a more serious grown up way. Oh and the vocals in this song, big love!

"Long lost" is one of my biggest favourite (I have quite some favorites from this album already though as you see). It's kinda sad and a soothing song at the same time, and has very beautiful beats. Calm before the storm would be a good description.

A short part of the lyrics from "Long lost":

"Lost in the fog, these hollow hills
Blood running hot, night chills
Without your love I'll be
So long and lost, are you missing me?

Is it too late to come on home?
Are all those bridges now old stone?
Is it too late to come on home?
Can the city forgive? I hear its sad song"

Another from my top 3 from this album is "Third eye". I found myself singing loud the "Ua, ua. Ua, ua." -part of the song. I love how energetic this song is. It makes you want to run in an open field and shout out loud "Ua, ua!"

And my top 3 becames full with "Saint Jude".  It's a touchy song, but does't get too mellow. It's a song that awakens you from the sleep. The music video was bit too "trying to be super touchy, artsy and feely at the same time" what is quite often the problem with Florence's videos.

But I admit after listening the new album now couple times trough that Florence has grown a lot with this album. I would be happy still hear some of the dancy elements in her coming career. But as said her strong voice goes well with the more rock'ish new sound. One thing I heard was kinda missing somehow was the harp, which was quite dominating before and kinda almost a trademark for lots of Flo's older songs (or maybe I just didn't hear it). But it's great that the band has taken a new step! Check out the new album now!

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