Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Women with attitude

In this post I will tell you about three artists that I found some time ago but they have been waiting in my list to be written about and now's the time! The common factor with these three artists is that they are women with attitude and you can hear it also in their music!

I heard about this next artist randomly enough via FB group "Humans of Rotterdam" because the artist herself is from Rotterdam but now residing in London. She has released just while ago her debut "1303 EP". The rising artist (I'm sure we'll hear more about her later) I'm talking about is Cherisha Etnel. She makes cool dancy, hip hop'ish music with great beats!

I listened first the "Money hungry"

And then all the rest of her songs! (There's more in the webpage!)

Check also her SoundCloud page:

Check her official webpage, where you can also download the ep!

Mo - Love the t-shirt!

The second artist I want to mention is Mo or with the Danish Ø-... Mø.. here you can check a video how to pronounce it... in Danish

I think I might have posted something from them before but I can't remember and didn't find any old posts so I though that I will anyhow mention once again, because they are that good!
I'm talking about Mø, she's a Danish singer and songwriter who has some kick ass songs and is now also more known because of her collaboration together with Major Lazer. The huge hit was "Lean on" which has now more than 239 million views in YouTube!

I think the "Lean on" is kinda somehow bit easier and more subtle than other Mø songs. She has released 2014 album called "No mythologies to follow". I have listened the album trough several times and love it!

My favorites from the album are "Walk this way", "Never wanna know", "Don't wanna dance", "Pilgrim", "Slow love"...check also the "night version" of the same song!

And a live version of "Never wanna know" from the 3voor12 performance where you can hear how stunning voice the singer Karen Marie Ørsted has!

Here's the official webpage:

As last but not least I want to present you one Swedish singer called Beatrice Eli who makes also quite dancy end edgy music as you can see from this video. I still have to search more of her work but after listening this one I'm pretty convinced!

Check also "Violent Silence":

She released her debut album "Die another day" in 2012.
You can check more of her music here:
And her official webpage:

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