Saturday, March 21, 2015 many new releases.

Jep! Prodigy will release a new album in the end of March on the 30th, the new album is called "The day is my enemy" I'm soo curious about how it will be. I have listened Prodigy in my teen years and well they have just so many classics! But let us wait still a little bit! Here's the teaser of the album (no songs on it though).

And the tracklist:

1. The Day is My Enemy
2. Nasty
3. Rebel Radio
4. Ibiza feat. Sleaford Mods
5. Destroy
6. Wild Frontier
7. Rok-Weiler
8. Beyond the Deathray
9. Rhythm Bomb feat. Flux Pavilion
10. Roadblox
11. Get Your Fight On
12. Medicine
13. Invisible Sun
14. Wall Of Death

Björk will also release a new album "Vulnicura" in the end of March too. Someone leaked some of the songs to the internet which forced Björk to release the album earlier (the digital version only). I listened little bit the album trough and can't say yet if I like it, because what it comes to Björk I will have to give some time for the album. You can stream the album via iTunes.

Scuba has also released a new album!! It carries the name "Claustrophobia" which I haven't listened yet trough, but I can almost count on him that it will be amazing!

You can listen already "Why you feel so low" at SoundCloud.

And also Florence and the Machine will be releasing a new album this summer, the new album will be called "How Big How Blue How Beautiful" and the official release date is 2.6. I'm really looking forward for their new album!

Here's the tracklist:
1. "Ship to Wreck"
2. "What Kind of Man"
3. "How Big How Blue How Beautiful"
4. "Queen of Peace"
5. "Various Storms and Saints"
6. "Delilah"
7. "Long and Lost"
8. "Caught"
9. "Third Eye"
10. "St Jude"
11. "Mother"

 They have released already some songs from the album and here's "What kind of man"


I don't know what's the thing with Flo's music videos, but it seems like they are always so much full of suffering. She has some super cool music videos from the last albums, but I'm thinking they should find some new aspects instead of the "iternal suffering". I don't want to be judgemental but I'm just bit done with these "I'm in so much pain" -videos ,though still one of my favorite Flo music videos is "No light, no Light" and "Dog days are over".

And then I had a written list about songs and artists to write about already for quite some time. I'm actually not sure if I wrote already about him, but anyhows I will write now again. So..I was in a super cool techno party in a small club some time ago. It was some of the nicest techno parties so far that I have been here in Berlin, with friendly people and not those I-need-to-be-so-cool-uberhipster-people. I know that if I pick any song from this artist it will be great techno and that's lot said! Let me present you the techno wunderkind Julian Jeweil. He's based in France and in Berlin.

Here's one podcast from him:

I'll say once more, he's awesome!
Check more of his stuff:
FB: Julian Jeweil FB

Soukie & Windish were playing also in the same party, it seemed that there were only very good dj's that night! They have also quite cool stuff, it's bit more relaxed techno I would say...check it out for yourself:

And one of my favorite techno duo's Pan-Pot has also released a new EP called "Grey matter".
I like especially the "Substance", listen it with heaphones on.

So have a nice weekend dance a lot and sleep late! LG!

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