Tuesday, January 1, 2013

The first day of the year

How would have been the first year of first year? How is your first day of the year?

I want to share this beautiful song with you. It's from Rebekka Karijord, a Norwegian artist living in Sweden at the moment. She has amazingly beautiful songs, but this has become now the most breat taking one. Check her album "The noble art of letting go" and the newest album "We become ourselves".

"On the first day of the year
I can´t help but wonder why
we´ve been apart so much last year
when it feels so good having you here

I am a fool when it comes to
expressing my love for you
and I know I´ve showed you in all ways
how doubtful I´ve been these days

But when all the birds gather
on the factory roof across the river
outside our window the sky
turns orange ´cause darkness is loosening
its grip over Stockholm
I think of how thankful I am

To be loved by you
to be loved by you
to be loved by someone like you"

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