Monday, January 7, 2013

Pony - Hudson Mohawke and more

Just found a cool song via Karmon. It's a remix from Pony, a Dutch Dj that I hadn't hear yeat before.

It's  from Jon Celius: "Still don't love you" (Pony Remix)

If you like deep house check also some livesets: 

Somehow I connect this bit in my head into Hudson Mohawke.

This guy is a killer at least what comes to this video! Awesome!

Oh and if you liked this you might like Palmbomen:

Oh and found a really cool mix set from Baby Prince: 

Ending song of the set is...
Santo & Johnny: "Sleepwalk"

Oh and this one is also awesome set from Ada:
"I'm a read that bitch, I'm take to the school bitch, I'm a slice that bitch"
Check also the song list:

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