Thursday, September 6, 2012

Ssaliva // Sagat // Vlek Records

Just listened trough at Kompakt site Ssalivas "Sync thrills" which is released on label Vlek and like the tunes! Good stuff. It sounds bit like early Moby. Especially "Ave" caught my ear and "A*i". Hadn't came across to this artist before. They have released earlier also "rza". Click here to see Vlek's artists and check the both albums. Ssaliva aka. Francois Boulanger is from Belgium.

The funny small fact in the "Sync thrills" is that the artist who has done the original artwork for the album is called Dimitri Runkkari what means in Finnish Dimitri The Wanker. I wonder trough how many people this name has just gone and they have thought that it's just a "name". Haha. Though beautiful cover.

Check Vlek homepage:

Check also Ssalivas facebook page:

The LP itself is bright pink!

And just now listening more from Vlek. Sagat does amazing techno! Really love it! Check "Few mysteries solved in a year of contact". Just amazing! I would just say it's just massive! Big heart!

Check also Squeaky Lobster. And how awesome software this is! Beatsurfing! Follow the link to download it and learn more!

BEATSURFING #5: Herrmutt Lobby's TURING FUNCK - Quantize OFF/ON from Vlek Data on Vimeo.

And finding more beautiful stuff! Later some more! Just awesome stuff! ;)

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