Sunday, September 16, 2012

So many things. Finding new.

I have so many things what I've found in couple days, actually lot today. I have still some cool things that are waiting be written about, some awesome artists, installations and videos. I've been thinking of maybe broadening my blog also into other arts as in audiovisuals and texts if I feel like sharing them, not those facebook stuff with kittens... Well actually I once had to share one cat video, it was about a cat inside a small hamsterball and it didn't want to get away from it and was rolling around. It was just awesome! Who cares. I don't want to be one of those hypocrites that say that only this is cool. If I feel like some thing has the value and interest to be shared publicly here I will share it. Opinions can be always be debated. But I will still stay more in music, audiovisuals (installations), other visually mind exploding things and texts.

So let's start from one thing. Snap! at Kutavond.
I had the chance to see them live at Perron in Rotterdam. Actually it's the New Snap!
First I had to survive trough one and a half hours of 90's disco with songs like Captain Jack, YMCA and other golden hits. But it was all worth of it.

Snap! started in 1989 and behind it was German producer duo Michael Münzing and Luca Anzilotti. The crew has been changing some times during the years. It was famous with the rapper Turbo B. I think the most famous songs from this group must be "Power" and "Rhythm is a dancer". The newer Snap! consists of Penny Ford and newer Benjamin Lowe. Ford has been with the crew from almost the early years of the band. It was great to see what energy they still have. We got the chance to hear THREE times "Rhythm is a dancer". Got to say that Snap! did great!

Snap! - "Power"

Snap! - "Rhythm is a dancer"

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