Thursday, September 20, 2012

Pilvi Takala - The real Snow White

"Pilvi Takala (*1981 in Helsinki) deals with the constitutions and limits of social groups and communities. Her videos, books, and installations are based on interventions in (semi-)public spaces, and this first monograph documents most of her work since 2005."

She has most brilliant ideas in her videos. Like in Wallflower waiting in a Finnish dancing hall if someone would come to pick her up, for the whole evening. As a trainee in a company doing thinking work without the computer or driving the whole day in an elevator. Or going with two other women into a Turkish tearoom. Or building castles of 1 and 2 euro coins. What happens when Snow White tries to enter to Disney world?

Watch the videos for more info. They are awesome. Check the webpage for all of them.

Women in Kahves (2005)

Easy rider (2006)

Wallflower (2006)

The shining shining (2007)

The trainee (2008)

The angels (2008)

The real Snow White (2009)

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