Thursday, June 2, 2011

And back to commercials...where it all started from - a car ad.

Is there something good in commercials, most often in car commercials? And why there's never nobody driving the car in the commercials? Are they actually taking a train or waiting for the buss in the rain or what?

I found my first album that I listened for so many years through a car commercial. It was Play by Moby. The song was called Natural blues. Play was full of great songs like PorcelainBodyrock and Honey. After Natural Blues there came hits like In this world and We are all made of stars. Moby was the first artist with electronic twist that I heard and was blown away. This is what I want to listen, I though. Then when I got to see Moby live at the 18 tour the warming up band was Röyksopp who had released only Melody a.m.! Such a great combination.

After Play there came albums 18, then Hotel and Wait for me. Last one was a slight disappointment, but had some great songs like Study War, A seated night and Ghost return. Moby has just released his new album Destroyed. After quick listening album feels like coming back into to the roots. Catchy Sevastopol pops out from the rest, even though the remix version Sevastopol (John Lord Fonda Cathedral Remix) sounds slightly better. The quiet grace of Stella Maris is a intervention with its church choir like mix with electronic sounds. I guess The Day might come a radio hit, but sometimes I miss lot hits like Feeling so real, what used to be a loong time ago some of the fastest songs ever.

The music video for The Day you can find here

Listen the John Lord Fonda Cathedral Remix of Sevastopol here. It could be one of this summer's hits if it's according to me!

But back to commercials..another rememberable is the bouncing balls of Sony

A great jazz singer Fredrika Stahl from Sweden will get the credits to end this post with her magical voice in the car commercial of Nissan Juke

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