Monday, January 9, 2017

Radio re-discovered!

The Earth during the night

I love languages and I love music. So I found an amazing site which combines them both!
Huge thanks go to my friend J.M. (you know who you are!) for posting the link in FB! I was seriously stuck with this awesome radio site for some hours afterwards.

I used to listen quite some radio already as a kid. And my dad had this super cool radio that you could listen to all different radio channels around the world. How awesome that you can "sail" trough the world, countries, languages and cultures just by turning the radio button! Nowadays I feel that the radio has lost so much and mostly all channels are playing the same songs on a never ending loop. I tend to open the radio, but then closing it after 30 minutes because I can't take it anymore.

This awesome alternative I'm talking about is: It gives you a pretty amazing chance to browse trough many radio channels (mostly internet radios) in "Google Earth" -style environment. So you can just turn the globe and browse endlessly from a country to another.

First of all this page is awesome if you want to learn new languages or keep up with languages which you have already learned but don't hear that often. And sometimes it's just super cool and quite relaxing to listen to music while not understanding the language at all. So you can totally zone out with this page!

So far I've been listening only to a tiny fraction of the stations. Stations in Russia, Greece, Turkey, random Arabic speaking countries, Italy, Finland....

And of course I wanted to try out if I could find any stations in China, but the last time I was maybe able to find five or six stations. North-Korea is totally empty! Last year (2016) in December I was still able to listen to radios in Aleppo, Syria but now there's nothing. But you can still tune in in Damascus.

Here's a small article about the guy, Jonathan Puckey, behind this project:

And the link to all this awesomeness is

Have fun browsing and listening!

pssst...check radios in Tehran, it's pretty cool!

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