Saturday, July 16, 2016

Mix and mash part 2

The second part of the notes is purely from the Bleep newsletters I get. You can also order them via They have often quite interesting picks. I went trough some of the older emails I had and picked my own favorites from there and there were many. There's going to be some classical music, techno, drumm n' bass, oldskool and some African music!

Jherek Bischoff is an American musician, composer, well, a multitalent. I haven't heard before about this artist but I'm considering buying the new album "Cistern" from him. His soundscapes remind me bit of Nils Frahm. 

Here's a short discription of his new album from the Soundcloud page:

"Cistern is an album inspired by time Bischoff spent improvising in an empty, two-million-gallon, underground water tank, with a 45-second reverb decay. The unique acoustics of the space forced Bischoff to slow down and adapt his compositional approach - something which, unexpectedly, brought him back to his childhood, and the slow-pace of life he experienced growing up on a sailboat."

I haven't yet listened trough the album but for sure it will be interesting to listen! You can find the full album already from Spotify.

This next one is just hautingly beautiful and a touching song.

Here's the link to Bischoff's Soundcloud:

And just now noticed that of course the record label where Bischoff is, is Leaf where's also artists like Colleen, Caribou, Efterklang and Vladislav Delay and here you can find the rest

I'm an optimist but sometimes I have to listen music from a Pessimist ha ha haaa...I know a lame joke but I had to. Pessimist aka. Kristian Jabs comes from the UK and makes drumm & bass music.
Even though I haven't been a big fan of drumm & bass (well Burial..) I really enjoy Pessimist's work and sounds.

Here you can find the Soundcloud page of Pessimist:

Then it's time for some totally awesome oldskool vibes. Letherette aka Andy Harber and Rich Roberts come also from the UK,

Letherette - "Maybe"

Letherette - Maybe from Synesthesiæ Films on Vimeo.

Check the new album under this link (can't embed it)
Especially the songs "Sweeter" and "D&T"

Sweeter found from here:

More you can find at Soundcloud:

Volte-Face is a totally new UK artist for me, but oh he makes great techno! I really really love his sound! Just listen this stream trough and you'll love it! Even though the last song is named "Dead cat on the dinner table" it's an amazing song! Put your techno shoes on!

You can buy Volte-Face's "You bury me" from Hard wax:

One other artist I found from Hard wax (I should take time and go them all trough) is Emiel Zwart who comes from The Netherlands, Rotterdam. (A great place of techno in the The Netherlands). Should buy also his stuff!

And one more via Hard wax: Abayomi who's a Berlin resident.

Ok some more easy going music now.... The Avalanches sounds groovy! The next would happen most likely if you watch "The wizard of Oz" on drugs..

The Avalanches - "The Wozard of Iz"

The Avalanches - The Wozard of Iz [Music Video] from Danny Brown on Vimeo.

And when the whole village goes berserk....don't drink that neon-lemonade!

The Avalanches - "Frankie Sinatra"

The Avalanches | Frankie Sinatra from DIVISION on Vimeo.

Konx-Om-Pax comes from Scotland but resides in Berlin. They have a new album called "Caramel" out from the label Planet Mu. I really think I will end up buying it!

I couldn't find my favorite "Perc rave" anywhere else than the Bleep page:

"Oren's Theme" and "Caramel" are great too...Just check all of the songs!

Here's their Soundcloud page:

Special request aka. Paul Woolford is a great artist too

Listen "Damage" from here:

Check from the "Modern warfare" songs "Take Me" and "Simulation" .

My Nu Leng are from Bristol. Great club music. This song is from a cool collaboration, which My Nu Leng participated too, between musicians and Malawi.

"Beating Heart is an exciting music project 65 years in the making and featuring 21 artists including: RUDIMENTAL, MACHINEDRUM, LUKE VIBERT, THROWING SHADE and many more. They have taken the recordings of man called Hugh Tracey who wanted to share African music with the world and remixed them for tracks to feature on a brand new album with a brand new sound. Release 3rd June 2016."

 Here's a short trailer about the project:

Beating Heart project

Beating Heart - Malawi from VOX Films on Vimeo.

My Nu Leng - "Eyes"

Definitely worth of buying this collection "Burning heart - Malawi". (Though I think I will have to get some other ones too, too much great new music out!)  Hope you enjoyed the music tips of this post! Until the next one!

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