Friday, July 15, 2016

Mix and mash part 1

You know the moment you start to have too many notes on tiny pieces of papers lying around on the floor, on the table and some are already lost. I usually write all the new nice songs which I hear down so I decided to go trough some of my notes and emails and found some nice new music. Lets start with something legendary...After laughter comes tears...

The song "After laughter" is originally done by Wendy Rene (1947-2014) written together with her brother in the 1964. Maaany artists have done covers from this song.

Wendy Rene - "After laughter"

Nicolas Jaar has made a quite cool remix of the original song:

Wendy Rene - "After laughter comes tears Nicolas Jaar edit"

Should actually write a post about Nicolas Jaar because he has done a lot good music!

Even though the Eurovision song contest was competed already a while ago, (see, my notes are bit old), there were some great artists that even didn't get to compete to Sweden. One I really liked was Mick Pedaja from Estonia with the song "Seis" (Stop). I really love the magical atmosphere of the song. I would definitely love to see this artist live or to buy an album of his!

Mick Pedaja - "Seis"

Here's the extended version of the song:

Mick Pedaja - "Peakskiviimaks / Ought at last"

Go and check his Soundcloud page too because he has some really beautiful ambient tracks there:

And then jump to something totally different...a mix made in heaven! Burial & Four tet mix can only mean something good!

Burial & Four tet - "Nova"

Lets stay bit in the same vibe with this one:

Christian Löffler - "Blind"

Should also write and check more songs from him! Here's the Soundcloud account:

Next one I heard thanks to Spotify....

Turtle - "Who knows"

Here you can find the Bandcamp page of Turtle:

I heard also the first time Beck, (well at least knowing it was Beck) now even though I've heard the name before, but I totally love the new single which is out just now!

Beck - "Wow"

We are not happy with GEMA.

here's just the link because GEMA wants to be annoying:

and a short teaser: 

WOW from Ulysse Prom on Vimeo.

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