Sunday, May 29, 2016

Berlin music video awards day 2 part 2

So finally found to the time to write about the rest of the music videos from day 2 of BMVA. In the coming categories the same "hip" themes of the year were used quite often, stripper bars, pouring paint on bodies, milk baths and black contact lenses (so stolen from Die Antwoord...) You can again see the full list of contestants from here and all the videos too:

"Best art director" category

Mat Zo - "Sinful" from this song I only noted down two things: welding masks and strippers in a bar.

My favorite from the category of Best art director was definitely the Jolin Tsai - "Play".  The artist is coming from Taiwan. I really loved the humor of this video! You see the Taiwanese hipsters fighting and getting out older and older cameras and gramophones while trying beat each others in this coolness competition. The hipsters then end up in a big fight hitting each others with ukuleles.

The song is quite dance pop but combined with the video it makes a perfect couple. I think this video and song was one of my favorites from whole BMVA 2016. Here's the music video with English subtitles (click them on while watching, it's more fun when you know the lyrics too)

Jolin Tsai - "Play"

Catz 'n Dogz feat Tanika - "Get it right". This Polish creation was also high on my list. I like how they have gathered so many different groups of people into this video; you have the motocross boys, cheer leaders, american football girls, equestrians, priests, fishermen, the hooligans and the high class house wives.

Catz 'n Dogz - "Get it right"

Petite Meller - "Barbaric" not so much to say; scary make up, random dance moves and a swimming pool with old people.

Tame Impala - "The less I know the better". Not so much to say either; crazy video with a basketball player going oral on a girl and then the girl is later stolen by a big gorilla. And the gorilla dies in the end when a basketball pierces it. Here's a impala for you:

and the other kind of impala

Be quiet - "Ichor" yet again another music video with lots of....MILK. In this video though the milk is kinda taking over the whole world, in a very literal way.

Here's the milk wave taking over the world!

The best editor category was bit hard for me. I first just mostly disliked all the videos coming up...or maybe I was just being too picky and getting tired of the overdose of music videos. (Can happen!)

Synapson - "Fireball" in this video two girls are getting bored with their boyfriends and end up being a couple. Pretty common story line, but even being in Berlin the audience gave a small "ohh" sound when they saw two girls kissing in the end of the video.

Gilligan Moss - "Choreograph"  Only want to say: lots of fried eggs.

Reid Willis - "Search for the blue pearl" maybe I've seen too many time Matrix because I was wanting to write the name of the song several times wrong: Search for the blue pill.  This was one of the rare videos that was shot in Berlin (you can spot the S-bahn (city train) from the video). I like how the song itself is pretty minimalistic and so are the small subtle changes. They have shot normal every day life from Berlin and surroundings and afterwards changed small parts and made non living things move with the music. You see the iron bars jumping up and down, lights turning on and off. I really liked the theme of how the whole city gets its own life.

Here the link to the video:

Sbcr - "The grid" video with a very very angry bodybuilder.

Delta Q - "Ode ( An die Freude)" (Ode for the happiness)
This was the only stop motion animated music video of the category and possibly of the whole BMVA 2016. The Delta Q guys are singing multiple times the same song but in different styles and for each style they created own scenes. Was thinking how insane amount of work this has taken. I totally agree that this music video was also the right one to win this category of best editor. 

Delta Q - "Ode (An die Freude)"

The "Best song" category went bit pass me, being so tired after seeing all videos I was forcing myself to stay and see the videos. In this category they had thought only about the song and didn't care about the video itself. It was very easy to pick my favorite from this and my personal winner was: Robot Koch & Julien Marchal - "Care". I knew Robot Koch from before and was waiting already something great when hearing the name. The video is also quite astonishing with the colors floating trough the air, combined with the dreamy song it definitely was a perfect combination.
Watch this from a bigger screen if possible!

Robot Koch & Julien Marchal - "Care"

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