Tuesday, June 12, 2012


I was at the NOW WOW party in Rotterdam. I expected it to be very awesome after watching the trailer of the last edition. I was waiting of lots of things to do, experience, lots of cool costumes and dancing people...

After entering I noticed that not so many people had dressed up, only like 1/4 or so, they actually didn't check at all the dress code so there was lot of people walking in jeans and t-shirt. There was quite a lot of people but lot of them just stood and drank beer and were chatting. Luckily there was three different areas; two bigger stages and basement where they were playing harder dance music. In the big podium they had built this sort of staircase where were changing dancers, first people with black and white swimming suits and facepaint, then some girls with black and white dresses and later on, which were the nicest extra tall (made with mannequin heads on top of the shoulders) dancers. But mostly the background dancers were bit floating around, and at one point, well it was late (but still you are a dancer!) they were mostly just hanging at the staircase.

That was kind a the only visual thing you had there, together with some videos they played on the side, which were quite camp, but well it was also called TRASH-TV. And on the other side of the room a massive picture of a vagina hanging from the wall. Which was bit blaf.

Music in the beginning was bit dull. But the nicest music came just at the two last hours of the party, from 06.00-08.00 with the people who played at basement and Benny Rodriguez who kinda saved the music upstairs. But was left thinking who was the so announced international star guest, it never really got clear to me. So it was also bit like mwah.

I really waited for more visual things, now they played with the same card the whole evening, bit this camp-circus like. Trying to be bit provocative, but failing in it. There was not really so many things the guests could do/experience like in Sencity which was awesome! But NOW & WOW will get a new name from me: NOW & MWAH. Was oke, but expected so much more from it, more extravaganza and crazier! I will link the after movie here when it will come online!

But it was a very nice feeling to go out of Maassilo and walk in the morning sunshine!

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