Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Music republic


Music republic was already some time ago. It was the first bigger dance even outside.
Starter of the summer. There was a quite big line-up and four different stages. Mainstage, Herr Zimmerman tent, Warehouse and I love urban stage. It was nice that there was so variety to choose from. Main stage was bit more dancy with names like RoogMark Knight, Michael Mendoza, Gregor Salto and Lucien Foort. It was fun to dance out in the sun with other people and the music was enough loud but not too loud.

My favorite by far was the Herr Zimmerman tent where they played more techno and harder dance music. With artist like D-R-U-N-K (Motor), Franz & Shape, Fraulein Z, Zombie Nation and Eron Alkan. I was impressed by DRUNK and the italian duo Franz & Shape who had some great music and the best was Fraulein Z. She had such a minimalistic way of dj'ing. It was fun to watch because she barely moved with the music, even though she played some awesome hard dance and techno. And smiled very discreet. Some people said that she was the most dead dj performing wise, but I found her style awesome. She plays this super loud music and has the moving energy like she would be doing gardening on Sunday morning. Not hasting anything, taking her time, keeping everything under her control. But I mean this in a good way! It was awesome and made me happy! She gives the space for music. Even though there was such a well known name as Zombie nation after her I still totally felt like she should have played one hour more. It was such a good energy on the dance floor, everybody was dancing and jumping around. She actually gathered the biggest group of dancers.

Only thing that was a minus was that the stages were too close by each others so then in one point you could hear three stages.

Here's a short clip of Fraulein Z at Music Republic

DRUNK (Motor) Promo

Check his SoundCloud here:

Herr Zimmerman is a concept for parties they keep. Herr Zimmerman is actually sort of a space cat that always is present at the parties in his flying ufo or in the music videos.

Here is the soundcloud link for Fraulein Z:

Check the upcoming Herr Zimmerman parties here:

Here's a short clip from Herr Zimmerman Horror show party from 2011

Copied from their artists list are some of the people who have contributed to the Herr Zimmerman parties:
Zombie Nation, D-R-U-N-K (MOTOR), Dr. Lektroluv, DJ Hell,
Anthony Rother, Ascii Disko, The Hacker, David Carretta, Adriano Canzian, Tony Rohr,
Franz & Shape (ITA) , Electric Rescue (FR), T.Raumschmiere (DE), KarateMuzik.

Check also their music list:

Music republic was fun, it's great to dance a whole day outside in the sun!

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