Wednesday, September 28, 2011

This makes so spicy, that you might think your ass is on fire, but it's just a bee, honey..

Listened some more Miike Snow and didn't like it so text about that band will be short. But the song "Burial" is nice! Sometimes there are one song bands that have one amazing tune and then you are super enthousiast to find what else amazing songs they have and get disappointed (I always spell this word wrong (this time right, one s!) as also enthousiast).

I have had this with quite some bands, but sometimes I'm also just happy with one really nice song. But how I found Miike Snow was because of MC Gnucci Banana, real name Ana Rab, who has made a remix to Miike Snows "Animal". Gnucci Banana is also Swedish and really extremely energetic MC on stage. I saw her last weekend in the Sencity, more about that later in another post, together with Daniel Haaksman. I think if Lady Gaga would be an mc she would be Gnucci Banana!

Gnucci Banana: "Animal"

You will neither love or hate her. She's insane. Don't know how I would react if I should listen one hour of her album in a room, but watching and dancing to her music live with MC, endlessly! Some artists you have to just see live and they work the best live! She had exceptional energy that filled the whole Maassilo!

To this next song I could just dance endlessly. It has something weird in it but something which is so catchy that it takes everybody with it! I think it's the "Oma la la oo la la, too ja ee ee" -part! if somebody can take any clue about the words.
Gnucci Banana: "Famalam Jam"

Check out her soundcloud:

and some of her remixes:

One great one:
Coolie Fruit ft. Gnucci Banana by schlachthofbronx

Check also Schlachthofbronx - Ayoba ft. Spoek & Gnucci Banana

The lyrics are mostly quite insane, like in the beginning of GNUCCI BANANA & SPOEK MATHAMBO PERO SPICEY MIXTAPE

"makes (?) spicy things, that you think your ass is on fire, but it's just a bee honey, aijai jai"

That's a good sentence to end this post.

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