Tuesday, September 20, 2011


I found this artist year ago, thought always before that it's just like all the others. But when I listened to the album I just totally felt the energy it gave. So energetic and uplifting music with attitude! This person has such an amazing presence that not so many big artists have. Some artists have this presence that it doesn't really matter if they would be just brushing their teeth on the stage in front of 20.000 people it would still be interesting (Wende Snijders has it also, some day more about her, she's great Dutch singer) Back to the post...She has had many hits and is also known from Destiny's child. I would really like to see her once live! Without any further remarks...

Beyoncé Knowles

The mother of the present R'n'B! She's the first R'n'B artist that I actually really like. The energy she brings to the people through her music. All the music videos from her have some insanely cool dance moves that would only fit for Beyoncé! I picked some of her best (in my opinion) videos here:

"Run The World (girls)"

"All the single ladies (Put a ring on it)"

"Diva" with the greatest sun glasses possibly you can have!

Another R'n'B - hip hop artist who's music I like, not so much the artist itself but the music, is
Kanye West. Even though I like the most Cloud, he's the best when it comes to hip hop! I found West's music with the album "My beautiful dark twisted fantasy" and the beautiful half an hour video called "Runaway". From the album these songs really catched my attention "Gorgeous", "Devil in a new dress", "Power", "Monster", "Runaway" with a very beautiful scene in the long music video with ballet dancers and the dinner table around 14.00 min, "Blame game" and "Lost in the world". Well that's actually more than half from the album. But still Beyoncé beats also West with her energy!

Watch the "Runaway" video here:

And Some Respect from the Old Days! Aretha Franklin:

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