Monday, July 4, 2011

Summer - Festivals

Festivals are taking over in the summer. Big festival, small festivals, dance festivals, festivals in a forest, festivals on a beach.

Rotterdam started it's summer with Dunya festival and last weekend with Metropolis festival. I don't really like festivals, only really certain kind of festivals, one day festivals. Day out with nice music is fun, but I get always bit annoyed by huge crowds of people and trash lying around. Nicest thing in big festivals is that you can see so many different kinds of people. And that you can end up listening something totally new and nice how happened in Metropolis. I heard only the last song from them but was still happy about it.

The band is called SX,  it's a band from Belgium. They have not yet published a full length album but I hope they'll do that soon. SX is a strange combination of bit XX and rock, I would like to see the band called SXXX!

SX came famous by their song "Black Video"

Another band that was a small surprise was Lola Kite, it's kind of happy rock. I can take it for couple songs and then I'm done. But they had some nice songs. I liked their drum machine a lot and the game sounds. I get this feeling that I want to play just Space invaders and other old arcade games when hear those bleeps!

Lola Kite: Different story

Randomly found song with a beautiful video:

Radical Face: "Doorways"


Soley, band from Iceland. Sóley: "Theater Island".

And second song from them "Kill the clown".

Quite mesmerising music. As most of the bands from Iceland. Later more about Iceland I think. Have to search it more. And still one from Iceland...

Rökkurró: "Sólin mun skína"

Nice sunny Monday to everybody!

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