Saturday, July 9, 2011

Dance dance dance.

As in Lykke Li's lyrics from a brilliant song "Dance, dance, dance"

"Having troubles telling how I feel
But I can dance, dance, dance

Dancing is fun. I think people should dance more. There would be less worries in the world if people would dance more. And you don't need to learn some specific dance moves, you have to find your own way. Because we all move in our own ways, we walk on our own ways so why we should all dance in the same way. It's so much fun to dance to really different music styles, feel how the rhythm want's your body to move. What moves you?

This summer I gladly want to present a very talented dj-producer from The Netherlands: Gregor Salto. He started dj-ing already from his teens. He has made some great remixes of "Mas que nada" and "Lambada".

Amazing beginning for the summer brings the song "Canoa"

and "Mexer (Groovenatics remix)"

Another amazing piece that makes me feel immediately happy is the collaboration of

Gregor Salto and Mokoomba: "Messe Messe (afro dub)"

Check also songs "Just a trip", "Bouncing harbour", "Looking good feat. Red", "Boa Viagem" and "I'm your friend".

I want to end with Roy Orbison "Pretty Woman"

and Elvis Presley "Jailhouse rock", the early dance music!

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