Sunday, May 29, 2011

Birth of this blog!

I decided to create this blog because I was posting too many music posts into my facebook account and got frustrated about it. There wasn't enough space in the update field to talk about music and songs. I joined to the 30 day song challenge. But 30 days isn't enough for me so that's why I chose a blog.

I'm a circus artist so I'm also working a lot together with music. I find it a pity that so often in circus performances artists choose so called background music for their pieces. And by this I mean that they haven't given enough thought for their music choices. I also want to make people to think about their music choices. What do people feel about listening music, what it brings or adds into performance? Is it standing on its own or does it interact with the performer?

I want to share my findings of music world with people and yes some day I want to do a DJ course. I want to make people think and search music. It's like never ending treasure hunt. You find something and it brings you into new place with new things.

To open the series I want bring up Daddy Kev and Low End Theory podcast. It amazing podcasts with changing resident DJ's from Los Angeles and special guests. Enjoy!

Daddy Kev is amazing music producer and engineer from Los Angeles. He has been working for example with Daedelus and Flying Lotus. You can find his bio from here:

Good to check out also Daddy Kev's Lost Angels and Classic Instrumentals Vol. 1.

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