Sunday, November 20, 2016

Some tragic music videos and some not so tragic ones

Tragedy. The fall and the rise. Loosing and finding and letting go. These are pretty common themes in the music videos all over the world. Sometimes it's over the top but sometimes it's very well done and if so the video will stay in your mind for the rest of the week like a good movie you have just seen.

Within the last two weeks I somehow ended up watching these two music videos couple of times and I would say that they are pretty tragic ones, but still great.

The first is from Mykki Blanco. I saw the name at the gig list of Gretchen (a club here) and thought that I had seen the name somewhere, anyhow I didn't end up going to the gig but then last week finally looked up better who is this artist. Mykki Blanco is an artist from USA, he released his debut album "Mykki" this year (2016). I haven't yet listened the album trough but it seems to be more electronic/hiphop. Some people got to know Mykki Blanco from this video about the USA president election 2016 where he recites a poem by Zoe Leonard "I want a dyke for president" which has a pretty strong message:

Mykki Blanco performs poem "I want a dyke for president" by Zoe Leonard

The actual music video which I watched was for the song "Highschool never ends" it tells a story of a black trans woman falling in love with a white neo nazi.

Mykki Blanco ft. Woodkid - "High school never ends"

The other video is a older one. Just somehow stumbled upon it again and watched it. She's one of my favorite artists: Lykke Li and the music video of "Never gonna love again" She's having this "for ever continuing struggle and pain" -theme pretty often in her music videos, sometimes I get also super annoyed by it, but this video just stays in your head. The song hits hard especially if you listen the song (the youtube video version) without watching the video with your headphones on. You will notice if you try.

Lykke Li - "Never gonna love again"

And then some not so tragic videos but visually really cool ones. Solange Knowles has released a new album "A seat at the table" in September 2016 and I really liked her old music videos and the new ones are also great!

Solange - "Don't touch my hair"

Check also "Cranes in the sky" from her

One other for ever my favorite artists of mine is Roisin Murphy. She has always really cool music videos for her songs. This video "Whatever" is from her new album "Take her up to Monto" which was released in July 2016. Brilliant as ever!

Roisin Murphy - "Whatever"

And as we are in the smart phone theme and the emojis, likes and apps it's good to continue with the really stunning music video of Moby and the void pacific choir for the song "Are you lost in the world like me?" from the new album "These systems are failing". (And finally GEMA isn't blocking anymore the youtube videos because they got into an agreement with Youtube (Finally!) Great for everybody living in Germany) The animation for this video is made by Steve Cutts and it's amazing!

Moby and the Void pacific choir - "Are you lost in the world like me?"

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