Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Live material from Florence and the Machine at Summer Soul, Sao Paulo

I was lucky to find out from FATM Army that there was a live stream of Florence's gig from MTV Summer Soul festival at Sao Paulo! Join with The Florence + the Machine Army at facebook if you want to get news about the band. Gig was great, even though the video quality wasn't so good. It was worth of waiting until 00:00 to begin.

Here's the setlist of the gig (copied from FATM facebook)

[01] Only If For a Night
[02] What The Water Gave Me
[03] Cosmic Love
[04] You've Got The Love
[05] Somethings Got A Hold On Me (Tribute - Etta James)
[06] Never Let Me Go
[07] Between Two Lungs
[08] Shake It Out
[09] Dog Days Are Over

[10] Rabbit Heart (Raise It Up)
[11] Spectrum
[12] No Light, No Light (Ending)

It was great to hear all the songs. Especially the live version of "You've got the love" with only guitar in the back (electric?) was very beautiful. It was almost the best song of the setlist. It sounded fresh! And it's always great to hear the huge crowd singing "You've got the love". After Florence sung a tribute song "Something's got a hold on me" to Etta James, who inspired Florence a lot. 73 years old Etta James passed away 20.1.2012, she was one of the famous blues, soul, gospel and jazz singers.

After the tribute she sung "Never let me go". Which gets a very beautiful feeling after the tribute song.
"Between two lungs" sounded also amazing on a big stage with big crowd, who was often singing together like in "Shake it out" and "Dog days are over". The songs that didn't fit to be recorded from the live stream were:

"Rabbit heart(raise it up)", "Spectrum" and "No light, no light". Spectrum was the second song that really stood up because it's live version, which was awesome. It get's to it's right on a big stage!
Thank you again FATM Army! It was great gig! Now waiting for Berlin!

Etta James - "Something's got a hold on me" from a live show 1962

And if you like more dance, hip hop check the version of Flo rida: "Good Feeling", and for those who like drum and bass check Avicii: "Levels".

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