Thursday, August 4, 2011

Don't drop your beats!

Did some youtube digging other day, when it was gray and bit rainy and found some new tunes! I started to bold also the album names so it's easier to find them from the text.

Actually I found the next artist a longer time ago, but never just listened it more through. The British guy is Paul White with the album "The strange dreams of Paul White". You can browse this album through at "Surfing off the coast of Mexico" and "The uprise of the insane" are some great tunes from the album. Some other albums from White are "Sounds from the skylight" (2009), "Paul White & The Purple Brain" (2010) and "Rapping with Paul White" 2011. The label is called One-Handed Music

And to continue bit more into the hip-hop side I want to proudly present you Cloud. Warning about some deadly beats! This guy is awesome, genious and I thought I would never like hip hop! I highly recommend this artist, because this kind of hip hop you don't find easily! I think if I ever would buy only one hip-hop cd it would be from Cloud. He has created some massive beats mixing old with new. He's a hip hop artist out of Brooklyn, USA. You can download for free his album "Pimp Steak" (2008) from his webpage at

One deadly song from the album is "Ladies Brake"...Check this out!

Some other songs that popped up from the album are: "Chaser", "Spark it", "Down the aisles", "Pimp Steak", "Streetwalk pt2". Check some other albums of Cloud: "Ice cream cola [redux]" (check the songs "Trust Me", "Persuations", "Hart St"), 40oz (2009) (She's Fly (The Hookup) ), "Self law" (2009) (Songs: "Take Money", "Noxious" and "Rap Robin Hood", "Sluts and Saints" (2009) (Songs: "Money Blow Glow", "Easy slip") "Vault crack EP" (Songs: "These eyes", "Rip tide") and "Hang + Bang" (2011).

"She's Fly"

Check his webpage also Still in love with his music! Support his work!

I want to introduce you also Bullion, real name Nathan Jenkins. I know only that he's from London at least what it says in his myspace at

What hit me totally was

"Are you the one?" So beautiful!

Other albums from him are "Get Familiar" (2008) "Pet Sounds: In the Key of Dee" (2007), "Young heartache" (2009), "Say goodbye to what" (2010) and "You drive me to plastic" (2011).

"Too right"

Keep it real!

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